Kimoto Shelter Project


About the Campaign



The purpose of the Kimoto Animal Shelter is to provide a facility to upgrade humanitarian services provided to pets and their owners in Cedartown and Polk County.  The goals are: to decrease the number of unwanted pets by increasing the availability of low-cost spay and neuter services; to increase rates of animal adoptions from the Polk County and other animal control facilities; reduce unnecessary euthanasia of adoptable pets; and, to expand the availability of knowledge of best practices in pet care.


The Board of Directors of Kimoto International Inc. approved donating three acres of land to the Cedartown/Polk County Humane Society for an animal shelter in 2015. The land is at the intersection of Canal Street and South Second Avenue in Cedartown, Ga.


We must raise $560,000 in matching funds to fufill all the needs of this project.

The project will include a 3,400 square foot building, parking and landscaping, and a two-acre fenced dog park. It will include kennels, runs, an on-site veterinary clinic for low-cost spaying and neutering and other health issues, bath and grooming areas and quarantine areas.


Rescue groups are regularly pulling both dogs and cats from 12 area animal control facilities to prevent them from being euthanized. Temporary space for these animals is hard to find and CPCHS will provide both shelter and services at below market rates. This will help regional rescue groups facilitiate more adoptions and save more animals from euthanasia. 


Build with Us!


It is anticipated that this project would require approximately five years for planning, design, permitting, construction, and fundraising. Your $25 gift could help obtain a permit or go toward planning or design.




Help us with kennels!


The first phase of the planned facility will feature accommodations for 40 dogs and 25 cats. An important need we plan to address is temporary sheltering for animal rescue groups. Your gift of $50 can help build the shelter and buy necessary kennels.



Save Animals!


A new shelter will not only provide temporary housing for animals coming from animal control centers, but will also provide services like low-cost spaying and neutering to reduce the population and keep them healthy; reducing the number euthanized.



Be a Hero!


Building the Kimoto Animal Center will provide spaying and neutering services that will have a great impact on reducing the unwanted animal population, which will reduce the number killed every week in animal shelters.