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Special Thanks

Humane Society Receives Grant From The Doc Ayers-Ray Beck Community Foundation

At a ceremony held at the Cherokee Golf & Country Club on Wednesday March 21st 2018 Charlotte Harrison (center) gratefully receives a generous grant donation from Bonnie Jones, granddaughter of Ray Beck, and Tobin Ayers, son of Doc Ayers.


   Thank you to the Foundation for their most appreciated support!

Thanks so much to Rebecca Rood and Jamie Crook for saving these precious babies. A SPECIAL thanks to the Browning family for stepping up to foster.  Madison, Susan and Jack Browning always willing to help!

We wish to thank Dr. and Mrs. Harry E Dawson Jr for their very generous donation.  This donation made in honor of their sweet friend and great lover of animals, Mrs. Ditsy Hajosy.  Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

CARES (Cedartown Animal Rescue, Education & Sterilization) was thrilled to be able to save the sweet pit at Polk Co Animal Control who had been shot! Special thanks to Charlotte Harrison for helping arrange transport. Weldon Pruitt not only transported this girl to her specialist, he transported her ALL THE WAY to Jacksonville, Fl. today! And he did this with NO NOTICE! We cannot thank Jen Deane of Pit Sisters enough for taking this beautiful girl into her awesome rescue program! We know “Darlin” will be a TAILS graduate very soon!

We wish to send a very special thank you to Waste Industries for their huge donation of pet food we received last Friday afternoon.

We had received a couple of phone calls from people needing pet food and realizing our pet food supply was low, Humane Society President Charlotte Harrison, made a call to Julie Brookshire of Waste Industries.

Waste Industries was so generous in replenishing our pet food supplies after the horrendous local dog fighting ring was broken up a few months ago and we had supplied 1,000 lbs. of food to help those dogs that had been rescued.

Julie let us know that Mr. George Gibbons, General Manager of Waste Industries, said that Waste Industries would be happy to help whenever we needed it.

Well, we needed them again and boy did they step up and help.

They not only provided us with all the pet food we requested but

they even arranged to have it delivered it to our location by

Cedartown Feed and Seed who also very generously

contributed to the food donation.

Thank you so much Waste Industries and a personal thanks to Julie

Brookshire and George Gibbons for their incredible generosity.

We couldn’t do it without friends like you.  



(some of the bags of donated pet food)


Thank you!

(Dusty Stowe of Cedartown Feed and Seed delivering the pet food)

 In Memoriam:

We are deeply saddened at the passing of Mrs. Sherry Denny Howe.  She was a beloved wife, mother, sister, daughter, teacher, friend and animal lover.


A group of her friends, in association with the Holland M Ware Charitable Foundation, chose to honor her memory  with a very generous donation to our organization.

These friends are : Brenda Jennings Thueson, Sue Howard Turner, Mary Withington, Mary Jo Keeble, Gerry Cook, Karl Bissett, Jody Perdue, Ann Daniel Beasley, Ed and Randi West Atkins, Dana Poore, Debbie Lewis Bordona, Beth McClung Walker and Bryant Longshore.

Thank you and please accept our sincerest condolences.

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