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Our History

The Cedartown/Polk County Humane Society was chartered in 2014 and is a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation. With property donated in May of 2021 in memory of Kerry Hall, our shelter now holds space for over 100 companion animals with room to grow.


We speak for animals who cannot speak for themselves. We are in the daily business of saving the lives of companion animals by eliminating starvation, abuse, neglect and euthanasia.



We are part of a caring community that will reduce the surplus population of companion animals and find loving homes for all animals in need.



Raise public awareness of the importance of spaying or neutering pets.

2) Conduct “Responsible Pet Ownership” classes in public schools.

3) Find loving, forever homes for the needy, unfortunate animals in the Polk county area.


3416 Rockmart Hwy

In January 2021, Cedartown native, Kerry Hall, passed away after a short battle with cancer. Kerry loved animals, all kinds of animals, dogs, cats, birds, and even turtles. During her life she welcomed and cared for scores of animals on her property between Cedartown and Rockmart. 

When she died, her family could think of no better way to honor her memory than to donate her house and outbuildings to become a permanent, official no-kill shelter and adoption center for the creatures she loved so dearly.

The Hall family has transformed their loss into a living memorvial that fulfilles the dream of Cedartown/Polk County Humane Society and the hundreds of volunteers who have supported the organization since it was founded in 2014. 

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